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Our beautiful farm in Amherst, MA is for sale. 

Turn-key production farm in Amherst, MA with 47 acres of prime, tillable APR land, 27 high tunnels, a 3000 sf FSMA compliant pack house, 2 storage/equipment barns, excellent water infrastructure and a prime location for sales.

For sale is our production farm with 47 acres of prime, tillable APR farm land in Amherst MA. We purchased the farm in 2012 and have grown a successful business on the land. Over the years we have  invested heavily in infrastructure to support a profitable business. We built 3.3 acres of high tunnels, a large food-safe packhouse with excellent workflow, two equipment barns, water infrastructure and improved farm roads. This infrastructure supported our farm business, growing primarily salad greens but also mixed vegetables and culinary herbs. The infrastructure is flexible and would be desired by many types of growers. The farm is in an excellent location for sales, both direct to consumers and through wholesale markets. 

Below we will outline some more details about the property. 


47 acres APR land at 62 Russellville Road, Amherst, Massachusetts 01002 

Prime agricultural soils. Many tillable acres for field crops. 

Land is a Raynham silt loam with 0-3% slope and no rocks. 

2 streams with easy irrigation access

2 manufactured runoff ponds to facilitate drainage

We have invested heavily in soil health. We have purchased and spread lots of compost over the years, and we have extensively cover cropped the high tunnels and land. We steam the soils in the high tunnels. 

The farm is currently Certified Naturally Grown. The farm could be certified organic immediately.

High tunnels 

Total of 27 high tunnels which is 3.3 acres of protected growing space. All tunnels built between 2012 and 2023, all in excellent condition and well maintained. Over half the tunnels have new plastic installed in 2023, the remaining tunnels all have relatively new plastic in good condition. All the tunnels have overhead irrigation installed. Most tunnels have frost free water for irrigation in the tunnel, remaining tunnels have easy access to year round irrigation water. Some tunnels have buried underground electricity running to them. Each of the high tunnels is equipped with roll-up endwalls. This design allows you to roll up the entire endwall, remove temporary upright support and drive machinery right through the tunnel. We operate tractors, trucks and other machinery in the tunnels with this easy access system. Improved farm roads around the tunnels. Extensive grading around tunnels to channel rain water. 


List of tunnels below:

  • 20 tunnels are 30’x200’ Rimol Nor'easter high tunnels (11 with internal frost-free irrigation hydrant)

  • 3 tunnels are 25’x200’ high tunnels with internal frost free irrigation hydrants

  • 1 tunnel is 30’x80’ Rimol Nor'easter high tunnel with internal frost free hydrant

  • 1 tunnel is 30’x96’ NOLTS high tunnel with internal frost free hydrant

  • 1 tunnel is 15’x160’ Rimol Catamount high tunnel with internal frost free hydrant

  • 1 tunnel is 14’x36’ FarmTek high tunnel with propane heat


The main barn on the property is a 100’ x 30’ pack house. It is fully compliant with FSMA regulations through the Commonwealth Quality Program through the state of Massachusetts. The packhouse is a sunny, bright work environment with excellent work flow and roomy 11’ ceilings.

Large cooler (15’x30’) with twin cooling units and 2 overhead doors

Insulated concrete floor with floor drains 

Spray foam insulated walls and ceiling with spray down surfaces

400 amp of electricity

Two propane heaters and exhaust fan for climate control 

4 garage doors

Concrete loading pad

Upstairs storage area/workshop with lights and electricity 

2.5 horsepower pump connected to 4 separate point wells

Plumbed with water access throughout pack house 

There is a hoop barn shop, 34’x84’ with 200 amp service and concrete floor with well and pump, gravel front and back yards and gravel road. Concrete new in 2022, plastic cover new in 2023. 


There is a hoop barn equipment storage, 30’x85’ on blocks with gravel floor. Built in 2023 


There are improved farm roads, driveways and parking areas around all 3 barns. All 3 barns are in excellent condition and well maintained. 


Plenty of water infrastructure on the property provides access to large volumes of water. 

There are a total of 11 wells on the property. 

Four wells are connected to the front of the washroom and constitute the bulk of wash water for the packing operation. An additional 5 wells are connected to the well house and are mainly used for irrigating high tunnels. To provide water security for the operation, the 4 wells and the 5 wells meet in the middle of the washroom and can be run in either direction in case of emergency. There is a heated/insulated well house with a variable driven 15 horsepower irrigation pump connected to the 5 underground point wells which feeds a 4”  underground irrigation line to the tunnels and also to three 2” frost free hydrants for field irrigation. 

The remaining 2 wells are connected to the hoop barn and have been used for washing equipment. They are currently connected to a low horse power pump. 


Location and Value

The farm is truly in a perfect location. Amherst is a wonderful area to live, farm and sell farm grown products. 

  • Located within a farming community with many agricultural services and support. 

  • Located within a thriving and populated area where consumers value locally grown produce. 

  • Located in a an area serviced by many distribution companies that value purchasing local. 

  • Located 2 hours from Boston, 3 hours from New York City and 1.5 hours from Providence. 

The farm is in a great location with land and current infrastructure for vegetables, small fruit and flowers. The farm has been meticulously maintained and is ready to start producing for profitable sales immediately. This farm is currently set up to be a real production powerhouse. It is the result of 13 years of continuous construction of infrastructure and improvement of soils. The farm is an incredible asset for production. 

In our experience, the current land base and infrastructure on the farm can support year-round fresh vegetable sales through wholesale channels in the 1.5 million dollar annual sales range. We are sure this number could be higher with management to further maximize gross sales, direct to consumer sales, on farm events, weddings, value added products, etc.


$1,000,000 for the farm. 

Recent appraisal by Farm Credit East in April 2024 that valued the farm at the 1 million dollar asking price. We are happy to share the appraisal with serious buyers upon request. 

Also for sale is our 3 bedroom house that is on a separate but adjoining parcel to the farm.  The farm could be sold with or without the house. The house purchase would be a separate sale. Asking price for the house is $550,000. The house plus farm make a truly wonderful place to live and work. 

Also for sale is our extensive line of farm equipment, including specialized equipment for working in the tunnels. The farm could be sold with or without equipment. Equipment sales would be a separate sale. 

Neither the brand "Queen's Greens" or the business "Queen's Greens" are for sale. What is for sale are all the tangible assets that can support a new business or the expansion of a current business. 

We are not interested in offers to rent the farm, lease to own, or joining the business as partners. We are seeking purchase offers only. 


Please reach out for more information or to schedule a tour. We can be reached at 

Maps of property below:

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 8.17.55 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 8.18.30 AM.png
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