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Harvesting Soil-grown greens
in the massachusetts winter
in tunnels heated only by sunlight
Simple and radical

Certified Naturally Grown

Our greens are GMO free.
Our greens are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides,
fungicides or fertilizers. 
Our greens are grown with thoughtful practices that put the health of people and planet first. 

carbon footprint

We grow salad greens, spinach and other leafy greens in the winter season without any added heat - just sunshine! 

Our high tunnels are off-grid, no heat, no lights, no fans, no fossil fuel use, no electrical use. This produces delicious frost-sweetened greens with a very low carbon footprint. 



All of our greens are grown in natural and healthy soils.  This gives our greens a complex flavor profile, a great texture, a very high nutritional content and a unique terroir.

We are continually improving our soil health. We practice regenerative techniques, including extensive cover cropping, to increase the vitality of our living soil. 


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